Impression project area

By these pics we hope to give you an impression of Work with Nature her project area.

Howler Monkey
Accommodatie studenten
Ocelot filmed by a trap-cam in the reserve
Red Headed Barbet
WwN team with students
Stripe Tailed Hummingbird
Silky Anteater!
Capuchin Monkey
Dart Frog
Eyelash Viper
De eerste onderzoekers in het reservaat.
Frog Costa Rica
Owl Costa Rica
Vrijwilligers en de lokale bevolking
Regenwoud Work with Nature
Rivier projectgebied Work with Nature
Sloth WwN
Uitzicht vanaf projectgebied Work With Nature
Boswachtershuis projectgebied
Boswachtershuis Voorzijde
Tayra in het reservaat
Great Potoo Kop
Breakfast at the project
Great Potoo (reuzennachtzwaluw)
Tree Frog
Papilio Thoas
Dungbeetle research Costa Rica
Team Work with Nature NL